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Amy Fearn

Amy Fearn Photography and Fine Art

Burlingame, CA


I have been drawn to the visual image as long as I can remember, starting in early childhood with drawing, painting, clay, and branching out to photography, collage/multi-image, as well as writing.

I earned a B.A. in Communications/Visual Arts from U.C. San Diego, with a specialization in Film & Video, launching first into Instructional Writing (print and film). For a number of years I migrated into account management, as an Account Executive, with design and advertising agencies such as Alden Design, Coup d'etat, and BBDO/Palo Alto, assisting clients with advertising and print media, multi-image slide shows and photo-shoots. I eventually settled in as Senior Account Executive with J. Walter Thompson in San Francisco.

The mindset I have with most of my work, whether it be photography or painting…is to capture moments of nature and humanity at their best. I shy away from perfection, but rather strive for life as is, raw and in the moment...with all of its beautiful imperfections.

My goal is to capture and document subject, composition, light, and color, in a balanced manner that catches the ordinary in a somewhat extraordinary fashion. I wish to touch viewers however gently, and hopefully allow them to connect with the sheer beauty of the subject and/or natural world. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!


Fish and Old Barn by Amy Fearn


Place d'Armes Bagpiper by Amy Fearn


Half Dome - Yosemite by Amy Fearn


Out of Gas by Amy Fearn


Untethered Beauty by Amy Fearn


Firenze Italy by Amy Fearn


Sharapova Russian Cross by Amy Fearn


Peer Pressure by Amy Fearn


Into The Alley - Old Montreal by Amy Fearn


Separate Solitude - Antwerp by Amy Fearn


Hippies Use Backdoor by Amy Fearn


Date Night by Amy Fearn


Seagull on Awning by Amy Fearn


Chalk Talk in Italy by Amy Fearn


General Zapata - Sayulita by Amy Fearn


1 de garre - Brugge by Amy Fearn


Palm Study by Amy Fearn


Frankenstein Surf Graffiti by Amy Fearn


Rogue Woman Surf Graffiti by Amy Fearn


Iguanalita in Guamuchil Tree by Amy Fearn


Bird of Paradise by Amy Fearn